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Black Dog Black Leather Cuff


This cuff is made from various black strands of leather twisted together, with an adjustable strap

Expandable diameter 55mm – 70mm

As these are each handmade there may be slight differences in each one and from the image shown

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Black Dog is a side venture to Martin’s main craft of uilleann pipe making, making jewellery from leather off cuts, metals and beads. The business was born from Martin finding a way to cope with having his ‘bad days’.

“What I previously thought was the symptoms of exhaustion turned out to be a condition called bipolar depression a condition I had no knowledge of prior to suffering but is one of the most incredibly horrible feelings I could ever describe. Whenever I was having my ‘bad days’ I found that the best method of coping with it was to keep busy. I began messing around with bits and pieces of offcuts and scraps from my normal job and in time and after a great many bad days I found I had a lot of stock made up. I set up this business to sell the stock and I have gotten my wife involved as it is a great way to ensure we get to spend time together with all our lives being so busy, it really is the best form of treatment for this condition. No tablets, no counselling just quality time with good people.


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Dimensions 13 × 11 × 5 cm


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