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Why buy handmade?

Have you ever really thought about exactly what the advantage is of buying handmade, and who gets what out of the transaction?

As handmade pieces are made in small batches, this means they cannot maintain the demand of a consumerist culture, like mass-produced products can. Handmade goods tend to be more expensive because of the valuable resources of time and skills necessary to create each unique piece. So why is handmade so important?

Exceptional quality for your money. Mass produced items have a tendency to be made as inexpensively as possible in order to maximise profits. Our makers typically use the highest quality materials and ingredients, often hand-picked or locally sourced. They may spend hours experimenting and perfecting each piece, giving great attention to detail. There is no comparison to an item rolling-off the assembly line followed by many identical copies, with a product moulded and shaped by skilled human hands. 

Handmade items are great for the environment, as most products do not require a factory or large production facility.  All our makers create in small craft studios and workshops, from a transformed shed at the bottom of the garden, or people’s own homes to small business premises. As all our members are from Northern Ireland, products don’t travel hundreds and thousands of miles to get to you cutting down on the carbon footprint!

There is often unique differences in each handmade item (no matter how we try to make things the same!), but this really makes the product and the purchase very special. There’s no one else in the world that will have exactly the same item as you, we think that’s a pretty special benefit of buying handmade. Each item will have been made with passion, a tonne of experimenting to get it just right and will hav ea story to tell. Some of our members make products customised and personalised to your specification, adding that little something extra to your already unique purchase.  

Buying handmade helps our local economy. When you buy a product from Studio 1, you are supporting an Irish artisan keeping their craft alive. Instead of your money going through a large multi national company or a chain brand, where the person receives a fraction of the product price, it goes directly to the person who made your unique purchase. Which means we can put the money back into our local community.

It’s not just about money (although that does help our small businesses stay afloat!), each purchase, gives the maker confidence in their product. Also, the opportunity to succeed in perhaps a passion or a hobby that they have turned into a business. Traditional crafts keep skills alive that have been around for many years, helping keep an artist at their passion means skills can be passed on through generations.

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